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Our Philosophy

Chapman Medical Center established the Bloodless Medicine and Surgery Program in order to provide the “gold standard” of modern medical care to its patients. While completely avoiding blood transfusions is a matter of religious belief or personal conviction among some patients, others may wish to avoid the use of donor blood to minimize the risk of blood-borne infections and decreased immune response. Bloodless medicine and surgery provides proven diagnostic and treatment alternatives to patients, regardless of their motivation, and raises the standards of safety and efficiency in patient care.

By assembling a team of physicians, nurses, and other health professionals, our Bloodless Medicine and Surgery Program can provide you with a wide variety of bloodless treatment techniques for a range of elective and emergency procedures. Our team is committed to the concept of bloodless medicine and surgery and will honor the wishes of patients requesting this type of treatment.

Your Team

To ensure that all patients and visitors, regardless of their diagnosis and personal or religious beliefs and preferences, are aware of our institutional philosophy on bloodless care, the following statement is made:

To Our Patients

We believe that you should know and understand Chapman Medical Center’s policy on the use of blood and blood products. Even though your medical problem may not require you to receive a blood transfusion, we want you to understand your options.

We always seek to provide you with the best medical care possible. As part of that philosophy of care, physicians use various blood conservation techniques and practices to minimize blood loss so that donated blood or blood products are not needed. Some of those techniques and practices include using very small amounts of blood for blood tests and special equipment in the operating room to prevent or minimize bleeding during surgery.

We do this because it is good medical practice. While the donated blood supply in the United States is relatively safe, it is still possible for infectious diseases to be transmitted through blood transfusions. Also, medical studies have shown that donated blood may affect a person’s immune system, which can make it more difficult to fight off infections or recover from illnesses.

If your doctor thinks a blood transfusion or the use of a blood product is needed for your care, your permission will be requested after you receive a full explanation of why the blood is required. If, for religious or personal reasons, you wish to totally avoid the use of blood and blood products under all or certain circumstances, you will be enrolled in our Bloodless Medicine and Surgery Program as soon as you advise the admitting clerk, doctor or nurse of your decision.

Chapman Medical Center’s Bloodless Medicine and Surgery Program was designed to provide the best possible care to patients while fully respecting their wishes regarding the use of blood and blood products. Our coordinators work with patients, their families, and the hospital staff to ensure that the plan of bloodless treatment is appropriately carried out at all times.

If you wish to be placed in our Bloodless Medicine and Surgery Program during your treatment at Chapman Medical Center, please inform your doctor or nurse. If you have any questions regarding bloodless treatment, you may also ask your doctor or nurse or you may call the Bloodless Medicine and Surgery Program at at (800) 970-9470.