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Bloodless Medicine & Surgery


Medical and Surgical Care
Without the Use of Donor Blood

To meet the needs of our community, Chapman Medical Center offers a Bloodless Medicine and Surgery (BMSP) program.  Our program, managed with medical staff guidance and oversight, provides an alternative for patients who choose to receive medical and/or surgical care without the use of blood transfusions. The physicians in our program endeavor to minimize blood loss by utilizing a wide variety of blood conservation methods.

With an increase in concerns over transfusion-related reactions and disease transmission, many patients want an alternative to blood.  We respect that patients have a right to refuse blood transfusions, regardless of their reasons—whether they be based on religious principles or health related fears. So it is our goal to provide an environment where patients can feel safe that their wishes will be respected. Our surgeons use a variety of blood conservation techniques to minimize blood loss and avoid transfusions.

Click the links on the right to learn more about our program, bloodless medicine and how we can respect your wishes for bloodless medical care. Or call us at (800) 970-9470.

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