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Admission Requirements

Criteria for admission to the Center for Senior Mental Health include:

n     Patient’s age should be 55 years or older

n     A patient must be either a danger to self or others, or gravely disabled

n     Patients can only be admitted under a psychiatric diagnosis

n     As a County Designated hospital, we are trained to handle 5150 and 5250 legal holds


Patients eligible for Inpatient Services usually, but not always, experience several of the following symptoms:

n     Attempts or threats of suicide

n     Loss of interest in regular activities

n     Changes in sleeping patterns

n     Confusion, disorientation, memory changes

n     Inability to care for self or home

n     Abrupt changes in behavior

n     Isolation and withdrawal from friends and family

n     Inability to concentrate, sudden decrease in intellectual functioning

n     Expresses feelings of helplessness and/or hopelessness

n     Seeing or hearing things that no one else sees or hears

n     Impaired understanding of reality

n     Abuse of drugs, medications or alcohol

n     Difficulty with impulse control

n     Decrease in energy level

n     Increased or decreased appetite

n     Uncharacteristic anger, irritability or agitation

n     Extended and extreme grief over a loss


Medical parameters for admission include, but are not limited to:

n     Patient has no communicable disease requiring isolation or nursing precautions other than standard precautions.

n     Patient has no active drainage sites capable of spreading infection.  We evaluate each client on a case by case basis to determine if we can meet the need of the client.

n     Seizures are generally under control.