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Treatment Program Staff

Our treatment team is made up of many people forming a multidisciplinary approach. This team includes:

n     Psychiatrists

n     Psychologists

n     Social Worker

n     Psychiatric nurses

n     Recreation Therapist

n     Dietary

n     Medical specialists as needed

n     Support Staff


An arrangement we are proud of here at the Center for Senior Mental Health is our weekly interdisciplinary meeting with patients’ families. This type of meeting helps produce a synergistic care plan and allows family members a chance meet and talk directly with the Center’s Medical Director.

Our Multi-Disciplinary Care Team

Patient care will be directed by a psychiatrist, a physician who specializes in management of mental and behavioral symptoms. Your doctor will supervise your care, and order necessary tests and medications. Patients can expect to see their psychiatrist or his covering psychiatrist at least once a week. The psychiatrist also makes the final decisions about your discharge date.


Medical Doctors
Patients will also have a medical doctor who consults and treats your physical needs and illnesses. This physician will see you within the first 24 hours of your stay to perform a physical exam, and see you as needed throughout your stay.


Specialty Physicians
Other physicians with specialized training may be asked to assist in your care if your needs indicate it.


Nursing Staff
Our nursing staff is composed of specialty trained Registered Nurses who partner with Certified Nursing Assistants to provide your care. Their role is to ensure that your treatment occurs in a safe and therapeutic environment. They also take an active role in your care by providing emotional and physical care. The nurse will give you your medications and assess you for any side effects. The nurse will provide you with information that will help you to develop coping skills to better understand your illness and medication.


Social Worker
Social workers work with you to help you improve your ability to cope with your situation, conduct therapy groups and work as the primary liaison of the program with your family. The social worker has the primary responsibility to set up your discharge plans, with you and your family, to ensure your continued success after leaving the program.


Occupational Therapists
These therapists provide assessment and treatment in the area of daily living skills. These skills may range from feeding and dressing to money management and cooking. The type of help you will receive will be based on your specific needs. They also work on your ability to concentrate and complete tasks safely.


Therapeutic Recreation Specialists
The Therapeutic Recreation Department provides education and practical programs that address your leisure needs. These therapists work to help you achieve and maintain a healthy quality of life while adapting to physical, social, cognitive and environmental changes.


Physical Therapists
Your physician may request an assessment and treatment from the physical therapy department if indicated. These therapists provide treatment for strength, flexibility, range of motion, and balance in helping your ability to walk and move. Their goal is to maximize your ability to move while decreasing pain and your risks of falling.


Speech Pathologists
Your physicians may consult with a speech-language pathologist if there are concerns about your ability to swallow or for certain communication difficulties. If you are having difficulties with speaking, these therapists provide education to you and your family on effective ways to communicate.


Dieticians are responsible for determining your nutritional needs and diet. If you have questions or concerns about your menu, a representative of the dietary department will meet with you to address this. The dietitian is available for nutritional counseling, dietary instruction and education.